From the Mountains to the Valleys

I kept meaning over the last two weeks to share my mountaintop experience... but I hadn't gotten around to it.  Now I'm in a valley. This is life, isn't it?  ,.~*~.,.~*~.,.~*~.,.~*~.,.~*~., So back in August, my employer starting talking about having me to go Zurich, Switzerland for some meetings, asking if the third week in September was open for me. I told them it was, but the bigger problem is that I had no passport (having never before had any good reason to spend the money and get one.) They said, "Get one," so I applied, knowing that getting one in four weeks was a somewhat questionable endeavor. I left it up to God, trusting that if He wanted me to go, then my passport would be quickly approved. If it didn't come in time, then I didn't need to go.  I had total peace that it was perfectly okay if I didn't go, but at the same time I couldn't help thinking of a childhood dream I'd never quite let go of.  You

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