Aligning our desires (and prayers) with God's

What are we praying for?  When circumstances get tough, the temptation is to pray that the circumstances change, so they're easier to bear.  What is actually better? To have nothing ever come against us? Or to be able to walk in the midst of things that are coming against us and still have joy and peace and still know God's leading and enjoy His presence?  Is it better if the fiery circumstances are quenched? Or is it better if we can walk through our fires without being burned?  A part of us wants to jump up and say, "I want the fires to just go away. The heat is too much." And often our prayers reflect that. We pray, "God, please make my company start treating their employees better. God, please stop those who are lying about me. God, please-oh-please make the gas and food prices stop going up."  And quite often those prayers aren't answered.  Maybe those prayers aren't in line with what God desires.  What if God's desire is to teach us how to

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