Mothers are World-Changers

God gave me this last summer, but this is a month for encouraging women and mothers. This is  Psalm 86:16 , which is one of King David’s psalms:  Turn to me and have mercy on me;   show Your strength on behalf of Your servant;  save me, because I serve You  just as my mother did .  This is the NIV-UK version. Most other versions have "the son of Your maidservant," but it means the same thing, doesn't it? David was saying that his mother served the Lord, and he includes this as a reason for God to help him.  And that realization made me stop.  Here is David, the man whom God identified as having a heart focused and dedicated to Him… and David is saying that he learned to serve God from watching his mother serve God. He doesn’t credit his father Jesse or his famous great-grandfather Boaz whose names are written in history. He credits his mother, whose name has long since been forgotten.  As far as I can tell, this is the only place in the Bible where David's mother is m

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