Louie Giglio on Hope

Hope when Life Hurts:

The world is a messed up place, and very few people try to pretend otherwise. People die, hearts are broken, finances bottom out, marriages dissolve, and friendships end in betrayal.

There is hope to be found in Jesus. But it's not in the pretty, wrapped-up-with-a-bow, everything's-going-to-be-all-right message that lots of people want to find.

These two messages that Louie Giglio talk about what hope really is... and when and where it shines the brightest. His message is real. It deals with the real, ugly world. And it offers not only hope to those who are hurting, but a serious challenge to anyone truly wanting to be a light.

The first series of videos is Louie's message during the first night of a two-day college conference.
The second series of videos is his follow-up message the second night.


The Megaphone of Hope:
(This first video is almost completely recap of the above message.)

If you heard the story of Ashley in the first set, and Jacob's email in the beginning, you MUST hear the continuation in this one, as well as the great truths that Louie shares:

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