Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Still we beg...

A guest speaker told a story last Sunday that really ‘hit’ me:

Many, many years ago, there was a beggar in Chicago who dressed in filthy rags and ate out of the trash, like many beggars do. Eventually, he rented an apartment for $3.00/month, but still, he went out every day dressed in rags to find his meals in the trash and beg on the streets.

Then came the day when his neighbors realized that he hadn’t come out. They banged on the door, but got no response. Finally, the police came and broke down the door.

He was dead.

And around his waist was a belt with $23,000.00.

He was that day’s equivalent of a millionaire, yet he was a beggar because he did not truly understand the value of what he had.

How many times are we the same as that beggar? The Creator who made everything that exists with the power of His voice… the God of all the universe… the Lord of Lords and King of Kings… our Savior… has given us 1,522 promises. Yet still, we feed ourselves with trash. We beg, because we do not understand the value of what we already have.

I think we need to ask God for things less, and revelation more…
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