Psalm 91: When the odds are long and statistics are scary

Praise & Worship: Don't stop dancing and dreaming!

Psalm 91: When fear has no hold on you

Worship & Warfare: Waymaker, Promise-Keeper, Light in the Darkness

Psalm 91: My favorite line is so much bigger than me

Worship & Warfare: Can't go back to the beginning, Can't control what tomorrow may bring

Psalm 91: The threat of the snare and of pestilence

Psalm 91: The choice you have to make about you and God

Psalm 91: In the shadow of the Almighty One

Psalm 91: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

The paradox of an infant Savior and what it represents today

Trust is like watching a chess game when you already know who will win

Trusting His leading is sometimes like walking blind and deaf