The story of our mortgage vs. God

Over the years on this blog, I’ve occasionally shared testimonies related to housing. In fact, 14 years ago on Thanksgiving morning, I shared the ups and downs of how God had directed us to move to Ohio . Today, I’ll share a story that’s kind of overdue since it’s over a year old. It's a continuation of that story I shared 14 years ago.  I’m going to backtrack even more though, because this story starts in late 2005 when we started dreaming of owning our home without a mortgage. At the time, the real estate market was really high in Florida, and we were almost done with a home remodel. We decided to finish up the remaining work and put the house on the market. The profit was supposed to be enough that we could move up north and pay cash for our next house. Owning a home mortgage-free seemed within reach! What we didn’t know was that the US was at the height of a real estate bubble that was about to burst. As the months went by and the housing market collapsed, so did our dreams. Ou

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When holding onto His promises is all you can do

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Jesus - our burden-bearer

Sometimes you pray for something for years

We are DESTINED to face the impossible

He's calling and saying, "I'm more than You think I am."

He *does* so that we *are* (Look at the verbs!)

God is calling us to get out of the boat with Him