The stewardship of everything God has given us

God has been teaching me about stewardship lately, and I want to share some encouragement. There are four categories of things that God has called us to steward. 1. The first category is our abilities, gifts, and talents. Most of us are familiar with the parable of the talents that Jesus told in Matthew 25 . Even though a talent was what they called a unit of money back then, we know that this parable refers to what we call gifts and talents today—the abilities that God gives us. Jesus's parable taught us that we are responsible to God for how we use what we've been given. We cannot bury our talents. God has given them to us for a reason. Woe to the servant of the Lord who does not use his talents for the kingdom of God! However, we do not truly know our loving Heavenly Father if we are using our talents for the kingdom out of fear. There is great satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, and blessing to be using what He has given us to return blessings to Him and His kingdom! 2.

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